The moment Lil Wayne got home from his sentence the return was far from disappointing with the killa joint “6 Foot 7 Foot” featuring Cory Gunz. Lyrically Weezy goes in on a track reunited with “Milli” producer Bangladesh in which that lil beef between them is obviously squashed. The business man that Lil Wayne is he wisely re-introduces to the world the son of Peter Gunz (of Peter Gunz & Lord Tariq one of New York’s many hip hop anthem’s “Deja vu (Uptown),” if you don’t know about this joint Google it because you’re not a true hip hop fan, sorry) Cory Gunz who handles his own as usual with Captain Weezy. Cory Gunz has been payin’ his dues for a while now and I think this time it should pay off joining the Young Money camp.

The video doesn’t falter from the heat that fried the airwaves when the single dropped officially. By conceptualizing from the movie “Inception” and the director of the video Hype Williams captures the essence of the Leonardo DiCaprio film while still accenting the many phenomenal lines the two MC’s spit to make you understand how blazin’ the lyrics spit throughout this track are. The angles and photography are so on point that like the movie it follows that same cinematography. I just can’t express how much I love a video that doesn’t disappoint and supports a John Blaze track. No let down from song to video to me. Now Weezy’s back while Cory Gunz is about to sucker punch you.