CleverWraps announced that they are releasing a new series of protective sleeves for eReader devices and tablets. If you don’t know what CleverWraps are, they are disposable protective sleeves that shield your electronic device from elemental damages as well as harmful materials. They are made of crystal clear, high-grade poly and feature a double channel zip closure and re-sealable tape for double protection.

Now you know we wouldn’t post this up unless we put a little G Style spin to it. I probably speak for most techies out there when I say that the one thing we really obsess about when it comes to electronics is keeping them in mint condition. I baby a lot of my electronics which means making sure that most are in their own fitted cases or have some kind of screen protector on them. CleverWraps goes a step further with that and protects the entire device from outside elements. Sure they may not seem pretty at first but if I’m going to be using my iPad2 out at the beach or at the playground while watching my kid, I want something that will keep out the “dirty” element and CleverWraps seem to do that. People who also like reading in the tub for instance will want to slip one of these on to protect their device from accidental water splashes.

CleverWraps for tablets and eReaders are available now for $14.99 and include 3 with each pack. They even work with Apple’s newly released iPad2. If you check their website, CleverWraps are also available for a variety of other devices.

Press Release

(SAN DIEGO– March 15, 2011) – CleverWraps® (, creators of disposable protection for electronic devices and makers of RingerWraps®, announces their new line of CleverWraps for eReaders and tablets—the first-ever disposable, protective sleeves for electronic reading devices and tablet devices.  Like the company’s original line of mobile phone sleeves, the new series protects against incidental contact with water, sand, grease, dirt and other harmful materials. The size variants are designed to fit popular tablet and eReader models such as the iPad, iPad2, Galaxy, Kindle 2, Kindle 3, nook, nook color and Sony Daily Edition—with sizes to fit other devices coming soon.

CleverWraps are made of crystal clear, high-grade poly and feature a double channel zip closure and re-sealable tape for double protection and a custom fit. The translucent, lightweight but sturdy and protective material gives a precise fit and allows for full device functionality, including use of the power switch, keyboard, touch screen and speaker.

CleverWraps protect devices from moisture in even the most extreme environments, can withstand quick submersion in water, are 100 percent recyclable, and made in the USA.

“Tablets and electronic reading devices have flooded the market over the past year, but CleverWraps is the only affordable, easy-to-use protective solution that does not interfere with device functionality, look, or feel,” says Karen McElaney, Co-Founder of CleverWraps. “They’re perfect for reading at the beach or by the pool, and they save electronics from those ‘uh-oh’ moments.”

Each package contains three sleeves and is priced at $14.99. CleverWraps for eReaders and tablets are now available for purchase on Amazon and Versions for more eReader and tablet models will be unveiled soon.

About CleverWraps®

Affordable, custom fit, disposable protection for personal electronic devices like mobile phones, electronic readers, and tablet pc’s; all susceptible to damage when subjected to water, sand, snow , rain, perspiration, grease and other damaging elements. All devices are completely functional while protected by CleverWraps. For more information or to purchase, visit or

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