Let’s start off by killing the misconception that Miguel is a new kid to the game. In the forefront the kid’s been in the game since “Getcha Hands Up” featuring Major when he was signed to Black Ice Records. In the background he’s been pennin’ hits for major artists such as Usher, Musiq Soulchild and Mary J. Blige, just to name a few. If you want an example of bangin’ sleeper albums this is prime one. The songs“Sure Thing,” “Quickie” and “Overload” were actually leaked a few years ago, but are still hot today and are the main reason I’ve been impatiently waiting for his debut album. For whatever reason, probably the usual record label politics the album never came to fruition until November 2010. This album is solid from beginning to end and is sadly almost completely under the radar.

Girl With a Tattoo Enterlewd serves as a perfect interlude for, the song Pay Me, but it should be made into a full length song. Pay Me, produced by Fisticuffs has a B-more club feel to it with a touch of European splash. It’s a fun song that shows off his sense of humor-if you can’t tell by the title you will find out by the end of the song that he’s talking about a lady of the night lol.

Girls Like You is a joint that both the ladies and fellas can relate to. This song very honestly describes the feeling when a man meets the ONE or a worthwhile woman and that puts in perspective just how lonely he is/was until he met her. The Prince inspired “Teach Me” flow is definitely for peepz who don’t mind having a sultry educational experience, I mean what else does a Prince type song do ?…..exactly lol. The title track All I Want Is You featuring J. Cole was in heavy radio rotation when it first dropped. J. Cole compliments this R&B confessionial of feelings with a street edge that can still bang in the club. It’s time for role play when we get to Vixen, where the bed is the stage for that girl that’s wants to give her man a show before the curtains close for one on one playtime.

I’m gonna end with my favorite track on the album called My Piece. Not only is the track fiyah, produced and co-written by Nathan Perez, but I can relate to the description of his significant other with lines like:

“Baby you’re my piece of mind/Other chicks want a piece of me get the piece sign/U get the piece of love reserved in my heart for u and u only.“


“I gotta firearm fetish fascination infatuation (yea) 4 my heater (Bang)/Raise a temp give em fever how I wish I could hold I can squeeze her.”

It’s a smooth, melodic mid-tempo joint that will move even the average non dancer. The analogy between a female and a firearm are as clever as any metaphoric filled 16 spit by your favorite MC. After all is said and done this cd is a worthwhile purchase. It’s another refreshing demonstration of what R&B is supposed to sound like.


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