I have long been a fan and supporter of Foursquare. I’ve used the service since almost the very beginning. I love the idea of getting points, badges, and Mayorships. To me it is like a real life game of monopoly to some extent. I’m also very competitive on there. I take my Mayorships very serious, and I love getting new badges. There is also the leaderboard, where i strive to be top of the list among my friends.

My usage of Foursquare in the beginning was all about unlocking badges, and trying to become the Mayor of venues. I then focused on the leaderboard. I strive to be 1st place among my group of friends and for the most part I was always number one. Then as new friends joined this became a focal point for me. Even though my friends didn’t take it too seriously, I was highly competitive. Over time the leaderboard became boring but I kept checking in as it became habit. I’m glad to see the Leaderboard has been given a fresh look and will be exciting again.

There are a few things I notice with the new board that have changed and some of these are.

  • Sliding scale of last 7 days instead of the counter resetting Sunday night.
  • Points for new actions (+5 for stealing a Mayorship, +3 if you are the Mayor & more)
  • No longer banished to that more menu option. Front and center in the Me tab.
  • No longer based on just location. You can see all your friends and battle for top spot. Great if you travel.
  • There are a few thing that are gone which I liked though. Gone it seems is the compound bonus points for checkins. No longer will you get +15 points on your 15th checkin. Instead if there is nothing special about that checkin, it will just be +1.

    However I’m quite please with this new version of Foursquare. Not only did it make the Leaderboard cool again, the UI changes are a welcome change as well. Plus don’t forget, this is just a small part of the new changes. There is also the new Explore tab. Further Foursquare has released new Specials that vendors can use to entice you to check into there businesses. I for one will be checking out the special from Quoba can Mexican Grill soon!

    You can download Foursquare 3.0 for Android, iOS, and soon Blackberry!

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