So when the last iPad came up, the team here at G Style wasn't exactly jumping out of moving vehicles to go and purchase this, as you can see here. But now a year later with the announcement of the iPad 2, how does the team feel now.

First off it looks like our own Adele Bailey is planning on getting it. If you look at her twitter page, you can see her excitement. Sam I believe is on the fence, but he may be lending toward getting it. And myself, well I'm waiting to see what that HP WebOS tablet is about. But I can't knock the iPad 2, it is nice.

The Apple iPad 2 is slimmer, lighter, and has dual camera both front and back. This isn't a bad thing at all. They even managed to throw in a color with a white option (though I'm not really feeling the white...). This thing is much faster than the original and that FaceTime is going to be a big deal. I didn't think much of FaceTime when it came out for the iPhone 4 but now as you see if work with iPhone 4/iPod Touch/iPad/Macbooks, you can start to see just how many people you'll be able to video chat with now beyond the original just iPhone 4 to iPhone 4.

I also like the Apple iPad Smart Cover. It is a simply idea, but an effective and spirited accessory. The iPad 2 itself while in Black or White can be rather plain, the Smart Cover gives it the splash of color it needs to really show off your personality! Everyone should purchase one of these for their iPads. Yes there will probably be a ton of covers, cases, and slips for the iPad 2; this is definitely one that should be considered as well.

So should you buy the iPad 2. Hell if you got the loose cash right now burning a hole in your pocket, go for it! If you have the iPad 1, um I'd wait till your broke (don't go trying to break it either) and then upgrade. Don't have the kind of cash just laying around, don't drive yourself crazy trying to get it. Like I said me personally, I'm waiting for that HP WebOS table to come out AND then we'll see where the tablet wars stand!

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