Like to workout? Take a jog? Running for the bus? Hate always untangling wires every five minutes? The Sony W252 Walkman series may do the trick. The W252 is a hassle free no wires around the ears MP3 player that keeps you moving no matter what pace your at.

The W252 provides up to 2GBs of memory and when provide with a full charge provides 11 hrs of playback. Whats also interesting is if you happen to forget to charge it has a “quick charge” when charged for 5mins can provide you with up to 90mins of playback. That can be good if your running out the house and need something to jam to on your train/bus ride or your quick workout. I wouldn’t suggest to always do it though, but only when needed as not to destroy the battery life cycle.

Syncing your MP3s to the device has two ways of doing so. One is the usual conventional way of just going to the Music folder of the hard drive and throwing your MP3s in there. The way Sony has made it also that this little menu pops up(as pictured) you can just drag & drop your music in there. Also gives you the ability to go in there and delete tracks also. I find that alittle diffcult @ times if you dont have the filename as the actual song but not a big deal.

My favorite feature on the W252 thus far is the ability to do “Zappin”. If your unfamilar with what is. Basically if you hold down the control button you will hear a female voice say “Zappin In”. The device will start playing snippets/previews of the song & go to the next one. This is good if your trying to quickly find a song especially since this is a screenless device. Soon as you find that song you press the control button to do “Zappin Out”, and your track starts from the beginning. I found it to be very useful and sometimes wish my other devices incorporated it.

Overall I found the W252 from Sony to be a very good device for your various things you like to do. Whether its working out in the gym to running that quarter mile or even for the casual music listener as myself. The no tangled wires makes it great for me because im always prone to get them lassoed around something. I have heard the water resistant is good too long as you don’t dunk them in water, lol.

The Sony NWZ-W252 is available now at various retailers for around $50.00.

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