I must start this by saying that I’m not an Android or Apple iPhone fanboy. I’m a ride or die Blackberry user. I have defended it and still refused to leave the platform because I love it so. But my attention is fading.

I was reading some Nelsen reports and it has Blackberry now tying with Apple and Android in terms of users. This is wild, I remember when Blackberry had a commanding lead over Apple and Android. But now for it to be tied with them, Blackberry has definitely lost it’s way.

I also ready on Berryreview.com that though RIM may be in a slump, with the upcoming Playbook and upcoming devices for this year, RIM would be able to turn this trend around in no time. I’m incline to disagree. Yes the Blackberry Playbook and QNX look interesting, but it isn’t going to be enough to hold the attention of smartphones users who want something exciting and fresh.

Then there is the rumored upcoming devices based on leaked documents. It pains me to say these device hasn’t grabbed my attention at all. This is especially crazy with the new Bold device that is suppose to have keyboard and touchscreen. People who know me know I’ve been saying that would be the ultimate Blackberry device. I’ve said that if my 9700’s screen had a touchscreen and OS6 it would be way better than the Torch. And now that a device seems to be coming with exactly that, it is little too late. I’ve seen QNX, I want that. OS6 is cool, but it is just a bump up on what I’ve seen already. I’m no longer excite about this once “ultimate” device.

Funny enough I seem to be way more excite about the upcoming HTC Inspire 4G, and there lies the danger. A Blackberry that once was the one I was fiending for them to make, no longer moves me. Now I’m not saying I wouldn’t get it (as my Blackberry handles all of the business I need it to with minimum effort), but I’m not in love with it anymore. Android has caught my attention and admiration.

For smartphones users Blackberry isn’t looking like the hottest thing on the block anymore. Sure you can depend on it, but it just doesn’t turn you on anymore, it doesn’t excite you. RIM can change this though. Stop waiting for “dual-core” or rush the hell out of whoever is making them and get them out the door and in the devices already so we can have QNX!

The gap is widening. If RIM just release some more OS6 or OS6.1 devices this year, they will lose their footing. Sure the Playbook is nice, but what do I care about a Playbook when I’m inching to buy a new smartphone now. It’s bad enough I use both an Blackberry and Android device. My Captivate hasn’t been as reliable as my BB, but It sure play movies well! If this HTC Inspire 4G looks good when it comes out, I may just use my upgrade option as a complete entrance into Android land and a goodbye to Blackberryville!

So RIM get off your ass, and make this QNX happen this year vs Q2, Q3, or Q4 next year. Trust me on this? What do you gets think? Can RIM just release some more OS6 devices this year and stay relevant?

[Originally Written for Impact Magazine by Jason Anderson]


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