If you are familiar with Ooma you know we here at G Style are big fans of their service (if your not familiar with Ooma shame on you, step your education game up!). They already provide a great service by offering unlimited local and long distance anywhere in the US, plus low per minute fees for international, so what else could they possibly do. Well how about HD voice

Now we sometimes cringe at buzz words like HD, 3D, and the like as every company now claims their product is “HD”, but with Ooma we’ll give them a pass. What is HD voice exactly? Well according to Ooma, “compared to conventional telephones, Ooma HD Voice doubles the audio frequencies transmitted to deliver a richer, more natural sounding conversation to calls between Ooma Telo customers. An Ooma Telo Handset or HD compatible telephone is required to support Ooma HD Voice.”

So you will need to be a user of the Ooma Telo device and have one of their handsets to experience this. How does it sound you might ask. Well I decided to grab someone who isn’t a gadget head and get his thoughts. And this someone, well he’s my father! Yup I somehow convinced him to get on camera and have a brief conversation using this Telo handset and then get his thoughts on it. So check the video below lol. This is a first for us here at G Style, but I may bring my father back again in the future, because I think it would be comical lol. Again if you seriously haven’t heard of Ooma, check out this and this

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