What’s worse than playing a two-player split screen FPS game of black-ops with your friend on a single TV? Being able to see exactly where your friend is on the level your playing. Vizio has an answer for this issue with the new Vizio “Versus” 3D HDTV. This concept allows two players to battle each other on the same television and only allow you to see your player and not where your opponent is located on the same level. To allow this, Vizio has taken the two images of each player and overlay-ed them on top of each other creating a somewhat 3D image with the use of 3D glasses, each player will only be able to see the left or right channel of the screen, blocking out where your opponent may be located. Vizio states that this is an easy update for game developers to incorporate into their produced games.

The TV was demoed with a pro skater game but I’m sure that this will come extremely useful for games like black-ops that was released last year. The Vizio “Versus” will be available in the second quarter of 2011. The price point has yet to be determined, so stay tuned for updates on this new product.


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