Here at G Style Magazine, we are always on the lookout for new stylish cases for the latest handsets, whether it be for a BlackBerry or an iPhone. Myself for example, I go through maybe 3 or 4 cases a year that I rotate periodically depending on what my mood is or what my fashion statement is at the time. Mobile phone cases to me have to be functional, but still look good. I want something with a balance between the two because the case you wrap your phone in usually is a statement about the kind of person you are.

Today, we are taking a look at the brand new Case-mate Jett case. This one differs from many of their other cases as this one is made from solid aluminum. There are 4 colors available, grey, blue, red, and hunter green. We received the hunter green color here to review.

Machined from a single block of aircraft billet aluminum (T6061), the case is then tumbled and deburred with ceramic media for over three hours. An anodizing process, which increases corrosion resistance and overall toughness, infuses the aluminum with color. Laser etched logo detailing completes the modern look.

My first impressions about the Jett case is how solid it is. The build quality is very impressive. All the edges are very smooth and all the holes are accurately cut out in their proper locations. A unique feature of the Jett that isn’t seen with other aluminum cases is that the Jett also includes new machined buttons for the iPhone that fit over the existing buttons. This offers another level of protection for the iPhone but also raises the buttons up to make them easier to use when the Jett is installed.

The Jett is basically a bumper case that only protects the edges of the iPhone but because it’s made out of aluminum, it doesn’t feel as flimsy or fragile as a regular bumper case. The Jett offers very solid side protection from drops and bumps. Inside, the Jett features extra foam padding to aid with cushioning a drop if that does occur. The Jett looks like it could withstand a pretty decent drop however, I’m sure it would still dent a little although the color would not chip off because the color is anodized which is a huge plus.

Installing the Jett is very simple. Basically you place the iPhone 4 into the backside of the case. Then install all the new buttons in their proper location. When that is complete, you carefully slide the top portion of the case on and then screw it shut. The case will not come off after that unless you unscrew it again. Fitment is superb and because of the extra foam padding on the inside of the Jett, the iPhone fits securely within it and does not wiggle around. The new buttons make it easy to use as it raises them up to the proper height so they are not recessed like they are on other cases. The Jett does add some height and width to your iPhone, but not enough where it feels overly huge. Because aluminum is light, it also doesn’t really add any more weight to it either.

Now, as great as the Jett looks and feels, there is a downside to it. It’s a downside that is inherent in all bumper style cases. The Jett may protect the sides, but it does not protect the rear from damage. There is still the possibility that you will crack the back cover if dropped in a certain way where the back comes in contact with another object. The same can be said about the front screen as well. Still though, some protection is better than no protection so. It’s a small trade off between looks and protection, but it’s one I don’t mind taking as the Jett is certainly a sexy case and one that will get you some attention compared to a regular old bumper case.

The Jett is available now in the Case-mate online store for $49.99 in 1 of 4 colors. It features the following:

  • Extremely slim metal profile showcases more of your iPhone
  • Minimalist, form fit feature covers corners
  • Aluminum alloy hard shell available in grey, red and blue
  • Minor assembly required, tool kit with mini-screw driver, screws and aluminum buttons (Volume, On/Off, Mute) included
  • Access to all ports and functions
  • Screen protection kit included
  • Minor assembly is required please click here for instructions

I highly recommend these if you are looking for a slim stylish case that offers very good side protection compared to a regular bumper. At $49.99, they are not cheap, but they are still much cheaper than some other aluminum cases on the market.


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