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Asus’ P67 Sabertooth Mobo Preview

In the world of computers there are always those who build for performance as well as aesthetics. What we have here today is Asus’ new P67 Sabertooth design. It features a “tactical vest” which isolates the motherboard against other heat generating components such as the video card. The new line of P67 motherboards will support Intel’s new “Sandy Bridge” CPUs. This motherboard also has temperature sensors throughout it to provide accurate temp readings for the enthusiast computer guru crowd. Whether or not it really affects performance is not yet confirmed but it really does give motherboard aesthetics a new spin.

Pictured here is a regular motherboard. As you can see, all of the capacitors and other parts of the motherboard are now hidden revealing only the “important” parts which require user attention. The new line of P67 boards will also feature the new “UEFI” bios. If you missed what “UEFI” is, just click the link. Hopefully more companies will follow in line and put more emphasis on aesthetics as well.


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