Almost everyone these days own a computer if not two. We wake up in the morning, turn on our computer and go grab a coffee while we wait for it to boot up. Take your time deciding between Vanilla Bean and French Roast as computers generally take a minute or so to awaken. However if you actually watch your computer boot up, you will notice it goes through something called “Bios”. What exactly is bios?

A BIOS (Basic Input/Output System) is an electronic set of instructions that a computer uses to successfully start operating. The BIOS is located on a chip inside of the computer and is designed in a way that protects it from disk failure

Bios’ replacement will be called “UEFI” will be seen in new PC’s roughly next year. Now they’re not entirely sure how long the boot time can be minimized to, but its developers have said it will definitely be faster compared to Bios.

Sample of a UEFI Boot Screen:

What does this mean for us? Well for starters faster boot times will change our schedule a bit now. There may not even be time for you to check your “To-do list” while waiting for the computer to start. Productivity will obviously go up and power consumption will go down. Why? Well if a computer boots faster than people will be more likely to turn off their PC’s instead of leaving them on all the time fearing the long painful wait of a start up. On a side note, will data robbery be even easier now? In movies a thief usually sneaks into an office, boots up the computer (which takes a while) copies some data, and finally makes his escape. Just some food for thought.


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