Let’s not kid ourselves iPod/iPhone accessories and docks are a dime a dozen now a days, as everyone and their momma comes out with one. With that being said, you might ask why we would even bother to talk about one that is coming out? What peaked my interest was the fact that this dock is being made by a company that has their technology in a lot of other audio equipment.

If you are an Home Theater buff, you have heard of Audyssey. Or maybe you have purchased audio equipment before and noticed that Audyssey logo on your receiver. Well Audyssey is known for their EQ system that is installed in many receivers, and now they are coming out with the Audyssey Audio Dock: South of Market Edition. This new audio dock will include a feature called Audyssey BassXT which makes small woofers sound big and big woofers sound bigger.

Now besides the sound elements, this is a really unique and interesting design for this audio dock, one we would like to definitely see up close and test out. The Audyssey iPhone Audio dock is expected to come out in the 4th quarter of this year, and will cost $399. Now this is quite pricey, but we should be able to say for sure if it will be worth a purchase as we will contact Audyssey to see if we can check one out. So stay tuned for that in the future. For now check out the press release below.

Audyssey Introduces New Premium iPhone Audio Dock
The Audyssey Audio Dock: South of Market Edition Leverages the
Company’s Audio Expertise for an Unparalleled Sound Experience

LOS ANGELES, CA – (Marketwire – September 15, 2010) – Audyssey, a leader in audio
technology for the home, automotive and theater markets, today introduced the Audyssey
Audio Dock: South of Market Edition. The dock represents a breakthrough in the design of
audio products by using Audyssey’s expertise in combining digital signal processing and
electro-acoustic design for a truly innovative listening experience.

‖We have a passion for great sound and innovation—it is our foundation,‖ said Neal Osterhaus,
Audyssey’s COO. ―The Audyssey Audio Dock: South of Market Edition looks amazing,
complements today’s mobile lifestyle and sets the bar for audio performance. This showcase of
our technologies is a great thing for us, the consumer and our partners.‖

The Audyssey Audio Dock: South of Market Edition offers Bluetooth connectivity, enabling
audio streaming not just from the iPhone, but from any Bluetooth-enabled device.
Microphones mounted in the front and back turn any Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone into a
high-quality speakerphone. Audyssey’s expertise in software-based audio correction ensures
strikingly clear, noise-free phone calls. With the included remote control, calls can be
answered from across the room with just the push of a button.

Live + Work
One look at the audio dock sparks a conversation. At just five inches wide and nine inches
deep, the dock fits next to any laptop or desktop computer in the office or on any small table
in the home. This flexibility of placement is important, as many other docks in the market are
best suited for bookshelf use. This slender dock gives users the option of placing the unit
virtually anywhere in the home or office. It connects to any Mac or PC to stream audio, sync to
iTunes, charge the iPhone or iPod and make VoIP calls.

Listen Up
Audyssey’s new audio dock is small in size but delivers amazing sound as a result of the
company’s innovative audio technology. Nestled behind the grills are a pair of four-inch
woofers and a pair of ¾-inch tweeters. The system is bi-amplified like a professional studio
monitor and the sound quality is delivered by five of Audyssey’s proprietary technologies:
Audyssey Dynamic Voice, Audyssey EQ, Audyssey Dynamic EQ, Audyssey BassXT and
Audyssey Dynamic Volume. Audyssey’s technologies work in concert to produce great-
sounding music and crystal-clear phone calls by overcoming the problems found in many
desktop devices.

Audyssey Laboratories 350 S. Figueroa St., Suite 233 Los Angeles, California 90071 213.625.4300 audyssey.com

Delivering Superior Sound through Software
Audyssey takes a software-based approach to improving sound. Based on a deep
understanding of psychoacoustics and years of research, Audyssey’s proprietary software
solves a wide range of audio problems to deliver listening experiences that are virtually
identical to the mastered original. This software-based approach is something that sets
Audyssey apart from others in the audio space.

What’s in a Name?
The audio dock’s namesake is the South of Market area of San Francisco. South of Market
(SoMa) is home to an eclectic mix of restaurants, nightclubs, start-ups and artist lofts. The
neighborhood has a culture and a vibe all its own and it’s evolved as a result of the people
who live and work in SoMa. The neighborhood is a great source of inspiration for our new
audio dock.

Pricing and Availability
The Audyssey Audio Dock: South of Market Edition will begin shipping in the fourth quarter of
this year and will have a street price of $399.

About Audyssey Laboratoriesâ„¢
Established in 2002, Audyssey Laboratories is the industry leader in research-based sound
technologies for the professional and consumer audio marketplace. For more information, visit
www.audyssey.com or follow us on Facebook.

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