Hey guys I’m glad you like my article on the Corsair 800D so I’ve decided to bring back an old contender: the Alienware series. Now we all know that Alienware is pricey but at what cost? To be honest here the only thing I’m interested in this would be just the case. The internal hardware components are not that difficult to buy and assemble yourself, but the case is on a totally different level.

The machine is of course customizable to the user so therefore I’m going to cut out all the hardware nonsense and get right into the case features.

This case has a front motorized door so with a touch of a button the front panel will slide down revealing the 5.25 inch bays for your cd/dvd drives. Both sides of the case swing open from built in hinges reducing the hassle of screwing in your side panel after tweaking with your hardware. Another thing Alienware adds to appease the crowd is custom lighting or better known as their “Alien FX”. Basically different parts of the case have lights and you can change each light to your own whim. As computer builders know, a case has to have good airflow. On the top of the case there are fins which adjust to the temperature of your system allowing more hot air to escape. This feature is also manually adjustable so the choice of up or down or in between is up to you. Flip it to the other side and you will see that Alienware has taken an innovative step and placed the hard drives on this side. It features 6 hard drive slots allowing you a whole lot of space.

Sure this case does have the looks but keep in mind that it cannot be purchased separately!