I got some hands on time last night at with the Samsung Captivate for AT&T while at an Samsung event last night. At first glance the Captivate is a very sexy looking device, in fact most of the Galaxy S device I seen last night were definitely G Style worthy! The Captivate is just a little shorter than the HTC EVO, but it is slimmer and light than the EVO and rivals the DROID X in slimness.

The color were a little over saturated but overall looked really good. The performance was good, man this device is sexy. It has a 4 inch screen, which is great for screen realty, but I don’t know how I feel about all these larger devices now-a-days. One thing I’m not feeling is that I believe AT&T will cripple this device, just like that have with the BACKFLIP and the HTC Aria. Though I was told this was a pre-production model, when I looked in the settings, missing was the “Install Untrusted devices” options. This is definitely not a good sign.

I guess we shall see when this phone gets release, but I won’t be holding my breath. Other than this, this is definitely a nice device and if there was an Android phone you would want to watch movies on, this is it!

Check out some more shots in the Gallery

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