So it looks like Hulu is adding a pay premium option. They also added apps for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. Notice there aren’t any options for Blackberry, Android, or Palm yet. Guess you could cut me out right there.

But really what is this pay option about? So I can watch it at home free, but if want to watch past episodes I have to pony up $9.99 a month. That is fair, I can live with that. Most times it is the most recent shows I want to see, since I may have missed it when it aired on TV. But why isn’t that an options on the mobile apps? I mean can’t I watch the most recent episodes from the app, but if I want to see past ones then pay? That would make more sense, and I would be downloading your app right now onto the iPhone.

I’m a happy Hulu user, I visit your website regularly, I installed the Hulu Desktop app for the Mac, shoot we even only cover HD shows that are on your site. But on this I can’t ride with you, this is where I get off. Again if you offered a limited free option, and then for more the month fee, it would be all good. But don’t charge right away just because we consume the media on the go.

This reminds me a Rdio. They have a great concept, and good service, but they charge you $5 just to use it from the PC, and $10 if you want to use it on PC and mobile. LAME!

Come on Hulu, give us a taste on mobile for free, I promise you’ll hook people in on the monthly anyway. Hulu is a great service, so they will come. Oh and we hear that we still have to view commercials though we would be paying $9.99 a month, really…

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