So not only did we check out the Motorola DROID X this week, we got a look at the Apple’s new iPhone 4. Yes the main event, the hype machine of the year, the iPhone 4 is here. Well to be honest, and sorry don’t kill me everyone, but I really wasn’t that impressed with it. Truth be told, I actually forgot about it for a little bit as I was too busy playing with the Motorola DROID X!

I will say that it does have one sexy screen. That display is definitely the SHARPEST on the market right now. There is no beating that, so I can’t help but give kudos to that. However after that, I pretty much lost interest. Yes the new device is nice, and I’m glad that FINALLY did something different, but it wasn’t all that hot to me. Don’t get me wrong, it looks nice, but the DROID X totally stole the spotlight from it for me. But hey, my love for it or lack of, might be totally different fort you. Check some shots below and in the Gallery

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