Admittedly, I tend to be biased when former group members go solo. Maybe it’s the track record of the crashes and burns I’ve witnessed in the past. Floetry was and is to me nothing short of amazing. Something about their chemistry put me in a unexplicable zone. I’ve always been on Team Marsha I just was a tad reluctant to hear her completely ‘solo’. Also, excuse my late awakening to this album I’ve been off grid for a minute but I’m getting up to speed very quickly.

Yours Sincerely is Marsha’s latest mixed tape that was released earlier this year-yes I said latest which means there are several prior mixed tapes #dontjudgeme. Oh Em Gee best describes this 8 track (including intro) album. I know I should dig into my extensive vocabulary and impress you with a big descriptive word but honestly this mixed tape is amazing to me and OMG fits perfectly. It lacks none of the ingredients that made me fall in love with Floetry-it lyrically takes me places, vocally there is no comparison and it completely shattered any expectation I may have had subliminally.

In all honesty this entire album does it for me but the tracks I tend to keep on repeat are Let Me Go,
Put It on Repeat feat Angelique
and Take Care. This album covers a range of topics that I have, at some point or another, found myself in. There are ballads like Let Me Go that mentally paint you scene of dimmed lights, wine, kids at the sitter and all phones turned off. Then there are songs like Put It On Repeat that have an edge and reminds you Marsha isn’t your typical soft and pink R&B chic-Angelique’s lyrics added to this song may seem a tad raunchy to some-but if you’ve been a Floetry fan like I have it was perfect. Marsha always pens the type of songs that pull at you mentally- blended with the tracks chosen they definitely tug at your heart strings. I give this album 8 out of 5 stars.

I would have gladly purchased this album retail and not been disappointed. However, you can download this album for free. If you’ve been on Planet Lost the last several months like I have you should DOWNLOAD this album and get real familiar