Have you ever been in a relationship and felt that your partner was way above or below your standards? Well don’t let that bother you anymore, because if you love that person that’s all that matters, right? In the new movie “She’s Out of My League” the story is about an average guy named Kirk (Jay Baruchel) who works for an airport as a security agent. One day a drop dead gorgeous woman named Molly (Alice Eve) comes through the terminal’s security station and leaves her phone by mistake. When she calls it, Kirk finds it and she asks him to hold it till she returns from her trip. As a thank you, Molly invites Kirk to a hockey match and to his surprise he learns that Molly actually likes him. Now Kirk’s friends and family can’t figure out why a girl like Molly, who they believe to be a solid 10, would want a guy like Kirk, who they say is a 5. Even Kirk wonders how she could be into a guy like himself. Will this relationship work? Or is she just way out of his league?

I thought this movie was a great “date movie”. You know how sometimes you go out on a first date and you may think that the person your with is a little hotter than your use to getting, Maybe, Maybe not? Anyway this movie showed that it’s not what your appearance is on the outside, but who you are on the inside that makes people attracted to you. Well to woman, that is. This was a very funny film and it didn’t have to lean on juvenile grossness to get its laughs. Of course there were a couple of scenes that might gross you out, but it wasn’t over run with it, and they were pretty damn funny. It’s a nice romantic comedy that showed that opposites can attract even in a world filled with standards. The other characters, Stainer, Jack, and Devon (TJ Miller, Mike Vogel, and Nate Torrence) who were Kirk’s friends were hilarious as they continually questioned why Molly would be into Kirk. There is one scene involving Kirk and Devon and a razor, which will have you laughing out of your seat. Another stand out performance was from TJ Miller as “Stainer”. I think this guy is hysterical, and needs to star in his own comedy. He reminds me of Seth Rogan, appearance wise. Maybe the two of them should get a project together, I’m sure it would be outrageous. I give this movie 2 stars out of 4. It’s a great date movie that won’t have your girlfriend thinking you just like silly, juvenile comedy. The movie runs 1 hr and 45mins. It’s rated R for language and sexual content. It was directed by Jim Field Smith. It was written by Sean Anders, John Morris, and Timothy Dowling. It was produced by Mosaic Media Group, Mosaic. It was distributed by DreamWorks, Paramount Pictures.

If you see an overwhelmingly good looking woman or man, say hi, maybe they’re be into you. Ezo
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