We have all been reading how all of the location based services and companies have been gearing up for SXSW. From Foursquare, Gowalla, Yelp, to Loopt. All of these companies are trying to be the big hit this year. And from the looks of Foursquare they are definitely bringing out the big guns!

First they made some subtle changes to their main website and today it seems their iPhone app has been completely redone and it looks great. I definitely like it over the older look. It now looks completely different visually and they are making use of those new categories which they have recently enabled. There are now four sections: Friends, Places, Tips, and You.

Friends is similar to what was there before with the check ins of your friends on the service. Places now have the icons from the category the location is as well as a look icon that shows I believe how many people are or were there. That right there is really cool.

Tips remain the same sort of with Nearby tips and My To Dos. What is really cool is the you section. Completely redone! Now you see your avatar, how many Mayorships you have, and badges on this screen. You can also view your history and now bring up your friends profiles from in the app. I do wish for the Mayorships, you could click on that as well and see what spots you currently rule over lol. Anyway when you click on a friend, you can see their mayorship number and how many badges they have as well. It also lets you see who are their friends too.

Overall this is a great new look for their Foursquare app, and I all have to say is they better be bringing the new look to the Blackberry as well! Check it out in the App store if you want to get it yourself. Also check out our Gallery for more images