If your a tech or gadget head, you are probably in the middle of a lot of Window Mobile 7 talk and news right now. Microsoft had unveiled a look at their Window Mobile 7 platform. And honestly it looks good!

Now before anyone can take that statement and think maybe I’m a fanboy, you must know 2 things. One I love my Blackberry 9700 to the death, and two I HATE Windows Mobile. Yes hate! I wouldn’t recommend a Windows Mobile phone to my worse enemy lol. I have disliked Windows Mobile since version 5.0 and to this day don’t see it as being any better than then. Yes some Windows mobile users love the fact that you can load up all kinds of programs and hack it to the cows come home, but the look of Windows Mobile 5, 6, 6.5 has been disgusting. Let’s not forget that this is G Style and Windows Mobile just didn’t have any till now.

I was looking at a couple videos for the new Windows Mobile 7 that was brought to my attention by Sam, fellow G Style staff and the UI on it looks good. It is something different, something visually enticing, and needed badly by Microsoft. The UI is very Zune like, and one can’t complain as the Zune’s UI is very nice. So I’m happy to see that Microsoft will finally have something new and fresh in the age of the iPhone, WebOS, and Android.

Samuel mentioned a couple points that are good too. He said that the browser look fast, zooming in like 1000x lol and it still look clear, email app looks really detailed, and it looks like it can multi-task as well. He did also note that it looks like it is always pulling down information, so he is curious to how the battery will be on device. As for myself, my big question is how will the hardware be for this new platform. The software, Windows Mobile 7 looks good. If the hardware they wrap around it is good as well, then maybe I just might change my position on Windows Mobile devices. We shall see. Take a look at the video below, which is the one I checked out from on Gizmodo

What do you think of this new platform?

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