There were a ton of accessories companies for laptops, macbooks, iPhone, iPod, and others. One of the companies that caught our attention was be ez who had on display a assortment of bags and sleeves for Mac products. One of them was the LA garde robe shoulder bag which was a great companion to their LA robe Macbook pro sleeve.

I have used this bag for a week now, to run it through it’s paces. It is a very slim bag, made for just your MBP, your charger, and maybe a few accessories. This definitely isn’t the bag to try and carry a thousand items. If you need to take your Macbook and want to travel as light as possible I would suggest this bag. The sleeve inside will do a good job protecting your back and the bag will make traveling with it that easy. The LA garde robe will run you $ and currently is available from

If you like this products and want to see more from be ez, definitely check out Check out more shots of the LA garde robe bag in our Gallery

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