PA poster In this movie a couple starts to have strange occurrences in the middle of the night. The boyfriend, Micah (Micah Sloat) decides to purchase a video camera to catch whatever is going on while they sleep. After a few nights of filming, they start to see evidence that there is definitely a presence lurking in they’re house. His girlfriend, Katie (Katie Featherston) tells him that these types of things have been haunting her since she was a little girl. In the nights to follow, the entity will become even more prominent in they’re home. Are they prepared for what’s to come? And how will they deal with it?

First off, let me just say that great advertising and outstanding promotion has pushed this movie to be the biggest phenomenon of the year. With a filming budget of just $11,000, this movie is raking in millions upon millions. Now let me tell you why. People have a tendency to believe what is advertised to be fact. They forget that it’s a sells pitch trying to promote interest in the product. This movie has been promoted as the scariest movie of the year. Also that 35 people were so terrified while watching a screening of this movie, that they left the theater. You look at the trailer and you see the audience jumping, from scenes they are watching on the screen. All of this was great advertising. They compared this movie to another; now famous low budget movie that also raked in millions, “The Blairwitch Project” That movie advertised that the events in the movie were real. When people found out it was just a publicity stunt and that none of it ever really happened, they were outraged, but some still went to see the follow –up movie. I didn’t! Now this movie has not done that. They don’t say its actual events. Although in the beginning of the film, they kind of try to make it seem real by thanking the participant’s parents for the footage. Now with all of that said, let me say this. KEEP YOUR MONEY!!! This movie is not scary. It’s not terrifying. I, at no time was so taken aback that I felt I had to leave because my heart couldn’t take it. I actually laughed a lot of the time at the way these people were handling this stuff that was going on in their house in the middle of the night.

The acting wasn’t bad, I’ll give it that. But it was probably mostly ad lib. I think the director said “we’ll film you two while you pretend to sleep, and we’ll make load noises, and pull on the sheets, and you just act like your terrified” Ok, I know I’m really putting this film down, and your probably saying “was there anything worth seeing in this catastrophe”? The very end of the movie, let’s say the last 9 minutes of film. So for 1 hour and 30mins, you must sit through the sounds of footsteps, lights being turned on, bed sheets being pushed and pulled, some sleep walking ,and an occasional grunt or moan of some kind, just to build up to the climatic ending. You can probably get most of those occurrences in your own house in the middle of the night. I give this movie 1 bump in the night, out of 4. I went into the theater not knowing what to expect. “Hey this was supposed to be the scariest movie of the decade” The only scary part is how easily people can be convinced about something. I’m going to make a film ,that just shows a black screen, and very load screams and crashes ,and an occasional image appear from out of no were. I’m going to make it 3D for that added scare effect, and it’s only going to cost me about $100 dollars. Then I’m going to get some great advertising and it’s going to make millions. I already have this idea copy written, so don’t try to steal it. This movie ran 1 hour and 39mins. It was rated R for language. It was written and directed by Oren Peli. It was distributed by Paramount Pictures.

Reviewed by Eric Williams
A lot of things go bump in the night, especially if you live in an apartment building. Ezo
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