IMG01316-20090923-2201 So it has now been about a month plus since I made the jump, and purchased a Macbook Pro. I’m proud to say I haven’t felt the need to hop on my old PC laptop for anything (even though I jump into VMware Fusion from time to time).

Since hopping to the Mac, there a quite a few thing I love about it, and some things I just can’t stand, though I do live with. For example, what is up with no shift delete and having to empty the trash can if I want to completely delete a file! This extra step is just plain annoying. Yes I could only empty the can here and there, but I’m the type where seeing that full icon drives me crazy, and I’m compelled to empty it. Also I can tab through websites like I would on my PC. Perfect example would be me tabbing through fields on a site, and then tabbing to the enter button. That doesn’t work on my Mac, if I keep tabbing, I just end up somewhere I don’t want to be.

To be honest, that is my only real gripes with my Macbook lol, not bad huh! And on the flip side, there are minor items that makes me love this machine. One being the print screen feature! I love this feature on the Mac, I love the shift, control, 4 key command. On the PC when I wanted a screen grab, I had to take the whole screen and then crop it down. With the Mac, I can draw a box around the exact area I want!

Other areas where I love this machine include, the battery life, how quick it starts up/shuts down, and how smooth everything works and flows (I’m sure though my boost of 4GB of ram up from 2GB helps too). Speaking of smooth and flowing, I was even able to upgrade my memory with great ease, and I have upgrading my hard drive next on the list.

Installing software has never been easier than it has on the Mac, and now I’ve finally started using features like Spotlight, Expose, and the Dashboard. Another thing that has happened, is I not like the touchpad again. I hate using a touchpad on my PC, but since using the Macbook, I haven’t reached for my mouse yet. Maybe it could also be that the Macbook only has 2 USB ports as well, but so far I haven’t had the need for to reach for my mouse.

This has definitely been a great experience and as stated in the title a bold new world. I will forever be a user of Windows though, but I don’t regret the decision to get to Mac at all. Oh yea my 2 year old daughter loves Photobooth and can clearly say Macbook as well when she sees me using it lol.


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