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Method Man + Redman-Blackout 2

blackout2 I will admit I had no clue this album was coming up and rushed out to get it as soon as I heard. I am a fan of Red and Meth both as individuals and as the dynamic duo so I was prepared for a great album. This was typical Red and Meth as only they can do it. I will say that I find the original Blackout album to better and one of the greatest, but Blackout 2 is no slouch.

Some of my fave tracks are A-Yo, I can definitely hear this getting some radio burn nice smooth track and a catchy hook. Dangerous MCee’s is a banger I can see the biggest hip hop heads pumping a fist to this one. Errbody Scream featuring Keith Murray is my favorite track on this album both production wise and lyrically. I wouldn’t be doing the album justice if I didn’t mention Dis Iz 4 All My Smokers the title is self explanatory. I haven’t smoked for years but this had me reminiscing about a time when a loose Philly was only 10 cents :).

Overall, if you are a Red and Meth fan you will LOVE this album it is all that you would expect from them. If you are a fan of hip hop I’d say cop it. Even though it didn’t top Blackout for me I still wasn’t disappointed.

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