So we recently reviewed the Slingbox Solo from SlingMedia. Reviews are always great but real world experience is always better. I’ve had the Slingbox now for a week or so now, but honestly haven’t used it that much till this past Monday.

On Monday after leaving work, I stopped by a friend’s house to see how he and his wife was doing since I haven’t been there in a little while. Now it had slipped my Mind that it was Heroes night and I still had to get home. While on the bus, I looked at my clock and it was 9:05pm and i was missing Heroes! I quick launched the SlingPlayer for Mobile on my Blackberry Bold and connected to my box. From there I turned on my TV at home, tuned to NBC HD and watched the show while on the bus and as I walked to my apartment.

Now the SlingPlayer runs a few seconds behind the TV so I left my TV off till the commercial then shut down the app and turned on my TV picking up right where I left off. It was seamless and flawless! The Slingbox and the SlingPlayer really helped me out in this situation. This has been a real world experience that I Jason Anderson had with the Slingbox! If you ever catch yourself missing a program while on the go or maybe watching the morning news but then have to run out in which you might miss the next segment (as I seen @FunkyBrownChick mention on Twitter), then you definitely need a Slingbox!

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