tmobile8900 So today is the day! As you are probably hearing today T-Mobile released the Blackberry Curve 8900. The successor to the Blackberry Curve 8300 series, this is one sexy phone! We took a trip to the T-Mobile store on 45th and Lexington (shout out to the staff there, they are always very helpfully. Especially when we come to look but not buy lol) and had a look at this new Blackberry. Now some of you may remember our thoughts when we went to have a look at the Blackberry Storm on launch day via Twitter.

This was totally different! The Curve 8900 was sexy, stylish, and worked great! The Curve 8900 was very responsive and getting in and out of apps was fast, with no lag. You can pick this bad boy up from a T-Mobile store or online and it is going for the price of $199.99 (after rebate we might add, so that is really $299.99 for new customer of course).


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