dellstudiohybrid Do you need to get your family or friend a new computer this year? Let’s me real people if your family, friends, or yourself has a desktop that is 4 or more years old, it is time for a upgrade. But when Laptops now more and more taking center stage, one may think twice about going for a Desktop. That is where the Dell Studio Hybrid comes in. Traditional Dell hasn’t always been known for unique and stylish designs when it comes to their PCs, but lately they have been stepping their game up.

The Dell Studio Hybrid comes in a variety of colors like Slate, Emerald, Ruby, Topaz, Black Leather, Brown Leather, and more and if you just need to get a new PC but already have a monitor you can get it for a starting base price of $499. These PCs are great desktops, stylish, trendy, and fashionable. These PCs would fit in any dorm room, bedroom, or living room. Check out for more information. If you going to upgrade your desktop this year, make sure you do it with style!

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