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Vizio VO47LF 47inch 1080P LCD HDTV *Holiday Gift Idea*

Ok so this may be on the higher end of the gift giving spectrum, but you know you have either a VERY close friend (but more than likely a family member as I don’t know too many friend I would be buying a HDTV for unless I was rich like that) or family member who has a new HDTV on his or her wish list. And the great thing about Vizio is that prices are very decent. We can pretty much guarantee that for the same size and specs you would be paying way more than what Vizio is asking for this set.

Now this is a set we recently recommended to a friend who was looking for a new HDTV and he loves it! Plus we’re jealous now, cause we want it too. The Vizio VO47LF is a full 1080P set and includes 4 HDMI inputs. For those who aren’t anything all of these specs, we focus on the style. The style os this TV is great, that piano black look, and unlike previous Vizio models, this new model has a more modern feel and edge to it. It retails for $1149.99 at www.vizio.com, but sells also at Costco, Sam’s Club, Target, and BJs (so you know there is some cost savings there). Again don’t think cause of the lower price, you are getting lower quality. The Vizio HDTV sets are a great value and great price, making them one of the top sellers here in the USA. Check out www.vizio.com for more information.

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