Some of you might remember a year ago when we first talked about the Ooma phone system, and some might even remember we gave one away right here on G Style Magazine. The Ooma system is a favorite here at G Style Magazine, and we highly recommend them. They make a great product here, I personally love the system!

Now a year later, we are happy to see that they have upgraded their system and they have the Ooma Telo coming. With the Ooma Telo, they have done away with the need to have the Ooma Scout, as the system is completely integrated. This new system actually comes with a handset this time around, which is something we ask back when we first talked with Ooma. The handset would be the scout, as the new system comes with one handset, but is expandable up to 6 handsets. And with the Ooma instant second line, this would be great for any household! Now while there hasn’t been any pricing set for this new system, after speaking with the CEO & Founder Andrew Frame today (GREAT guy by the way), we might be looking forward to this information come CES in January 2009. And when the Ooma Telo comes closer to the time that it will be selling, we will have a full review on G Style Magazine for it, so stay tuned for this. For more information on Ooma, check out

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