So there is a ton of news today talking about the Blackberry Storm. Seems RIM has released a official press release with official press images and specs of the device. Not that the world hasn’t already known almost everything about this device for months now. We guess the need for a official press release might mean it is about that time that they are going to drop this device. Now here at G Style, we can’t really say we a fiending for this phone, if you remember our first thoughts on it here, you’ll see we haven’t exactly been won over by this device. Click for our weigh in.

Ok so here is a recap of some of the thoughts share by other publications across the web:

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Now how do we feel about this phone. First it must be said that while we still stick but our opinion that this phone isn’t stylish, it isn’t as bad as we first thought. Now we still can’t say it has style, we would like to note some things. First being the screen, on the YouTube video (which has been pulled since) the screen look horrible, but after seeing some live shots of this phone, we must say the screen is nice. While we still don’t know about the whole screen click thing, we’ll reserve that for when we get one in our hands. But the screen does look nice.

Design on the whole. We’re still on the fence, it does seem to compare while with matched up with the Blackberry Curve and even the iPhone, but for some reason we will that looking at it straight up it, come up looking like the chubby cousin of the Curve when looking at the width of the thing. We expected more from the Storm, it’s design cues to us just looks like they stretched out a Blackberry to fit a touch screen, but it has the same element of any basic ole Blackberry. Not that Blackberry aren’t stylish, RIM has done a great job with introducing the likes of the Pearl, then the Curve, and most recently the Bold. For the Storm they could of brought something new to the scene, the Storm to us looks like a Javelin (though the Javelin isn’t out yet) that’s been stretched to fit the touch screen. Again we’ll reserve our final verdict when we get our hands on it, but for now we’re sticking with our opinion that the Blackberry Storm isn’t stylish!

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