Ok we are going to wrap up what we know so far with this phone. First off we might say in terms of style, we aren’t feeling it too much, but seen as how this platform will start showing up on many different types of phones (we’re still hoping Android comes to the HTC Touch HD!), we figure we talk about what they are coming out with right out the gate.

So just check out these specs and what they got lined up so far:

  • Carrier – T-Mobile, $179.99 on a 2 year contract, $25 for unlimited data plan with some messaging, $35 for a unlimited everything (with voice plan of course)
  • WiFi, 3MP Camera
  • Android Market for on-device app purchases
  • Amazon MP3 app for on-device music purchases (6 Milllion DRM Frees Songs! Tracks cost around $0.89 with most albums priced between $5.99 and $9.99.)
  • Push Gmail support with full HTML client (Push Gmail people!)
  • Google Maps with Street View
  • No desktop synchronization — it all happens over the air
  • Bluetooth (but no A2DP)
  • This phone is shaping up nicely software/feature wise. So while we don’t think this phone is stylish, you know what they say. Some people have beauty, others make it with their brains lol!

    (Photo by [EngadgetMobile])

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