I know some of you might be wondering why we haven’t mentioned the Blackberry Kickstart (as it was formerly called) before now (Shout out to “Barb” as I know her as lol). Well for good reason. We here at G Style Magazine try to be a cut above the rest. We pride ourselves for really covering “stylish, trendy, fashionable” devices, and not just any ole device that comes on the market. For awhile we was on the fence with the Blackberry 8220 (as it is called now), and wanted to really give it thought before we have spoke about it. And now we have come to our decision.

We have concluded that the Blackberry 8220 aka the Blackberry formerly known as the KickStart, has G Style! Yes we give it our seal of approval. When closed, while slightly thicker than we would like, the Blackberry 8220 is a sexy looking phone. It will be available in Black and Red, and we think it will look equally well in both colors. When opened, we do feel the look is slightly awkward, but not enough to not give it G Style approval. For those of you who are die hard clamshell users, this is the Blackberry for you. If you been waiting to get into the Smartphone game, but didn’t like not having a clamshell, this should be perfect. This will come out on T-Mobile, and we don’t have pricing yet, but here is the specs for this phone:

  • EDGE Reception
  • 2MP Camera
  • WiFi
  • Bluetooth
  • DataViz® Documents to Go®
  • BlackBerry® Media Sync (Works with iTunes)
  • All the Blackberry Goodness, you already know!
  • Now there is no word yet on when this will be coming out, but now that we have finally decided this worth is G Style worthy, we will keep you updated as we find out, so stay tuned!

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