We have been doing a fare amount of talking about the Blackberry Bold lately….Blackberry Bold this, or Blackberry Bold that. But we thought we take a second (especially since the Bold seems to keep getting delayed) to talk about another Blackberry that is coming out, that does have G Style as well. The Blackberry Javelin.

While this Blackberry won’t have 3G, is is still sweet with it’s looks and and better specs than the Curve. It will come with a fast processor (512Mhz compared to the 312Mhz processor of the Curve), more memory (256MB of onboard memory), a better screen with the size being 480×360 (compared to the Curve’s 320×240 resolution), and better browser and graphics. I’m not sure yet if it will have both WiFi and GPS, or if it will be like te Curves with some models have WiFi and others GPS. Only time will tell. But there are plenty of Blackberries coming out this year, from the Bold, to the Javelin, and the Kickstart (we haven’t discussed they yet, still deciding on if it has G Style). So definitely keep your eyes open this year!

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