This weekend brought us, yet another movie adapted from a comic book. The movie is “Wanted” from the comic series of the same name by Mark Miller. In the movie James McAvoy plays Wesley Gibson a guy who is stuck at a job he hates, has a girlfriend that’s not to good to him, and everyday contemplates why his life isn’t different.

This is all about to change, when he meets a woman named “Fox” (Angelina Jolie), who tells him that he has a hidden ability. She tells him how his father had the same ability, but was killed just days before. With the help of Fox, and a man named “Sloan” (Morgan Freeman), they train Wes to become a member of they’re secret group of assassins called “The Fraternity”. Wes soon discovers that he has the ability to make bullets turn corners, along with some other athletic feats of amazement. Wes has his own agenda in mind, and that is to avenge his fathers murder at the hands of one of The Fraternity’s rogue hit man named “Cross” (Thomas Kretschmann). In his attempt to kill Cross, he finds out that everything is not as always as it seems, and only he can control his own destiny.

This movie packs a lot of great action scenes, and some amazing “slow motion” bullet visuals. From the time Angelina steps foot into the movie, the action starts, and it gets full steam by the middle of the movie. This is a very good action packed adventure, but it lacks a good story. The plot is simple, and they seem to just want to pack the action scenes with breathtaking visuals and not worry to much about a good script. Also in the movie is “Common” who plays The Gunsmith. He has a small part, so don’t get upset if you went just to see him act. The movie runs 1hr and 48 mins. It’s rated R for strong bloody violence throughout, pervasive language and some sexuality. It was directed by Timur Bekmambetov. The screenplay was by Michael Brandt, Derek Haas, and Chris Morgan. I gave this movie 2 bullets out of 4. It’s a fun ride, but not much substance beyond that.
Life an be boring at times, Unlock your inner abilities. Ezo

Next Weeks movie: “Handcock”

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