It’s a bird! No it’s a plane! No it’s another thrown together comedy by the people who brought you movies like “Meet the Spartans” and “Epic Movie”. We see these types of movies almost 4 times a year now, comedies that spoof other movies. In this one, a spoof to superhero movies, our main character Rick Riker (Drake Bell) is beaten by a genetically altered dragonfly and takes on its characteristics. With his new found abilities such as super strength, and the ability to walk on walls, Rick decides he’s going to use his powers for good. He makes himself a costume, takes on the name “Dragonfly “and goes out to help the city, not a good thing for its residents though. He makes mistake after mistake and if that’s not enough, he soon finds out that a certain Dr. Lou Landers (Christopher McDonald), has himself stumbled upon some powers, when an experiment he was working on gives him the ability to drain the life essence from a person thereby giving him vitality. The only problem the doctor has is that he must now kill thousands of people at one time to become immortal, a feat that his is all so happy to do. He too builds himself a suit, which resembles that of Magneto, from X-Men and names him Hourglass. In his way is our hero Dragonfly, and so the battle is on.

This movie mostly spoofs the story from the Spiderman franchise, but also takes jabs at the X-Men, and Fantastic Four movies. The movie also stars Sara Paxton as Jill Johnson the love interest to Rick as was Jane to Peter, in Spiderman. Rick also has a best friend, named Trey played by Kevin Hart, who didn’t even have his scene from the trailer, where he names himself “The Black C@8K!”. Leslie Nielsen and Marion Ross play Ricks aunt and uncle in the movie. Leslie Nielsen is still going strong in these types of movies; he’s had a part in sooo many since first being in “Airplane”, a spoof of… …you guessed it airplane disaster movies that were in heavy rotation back then. Also in the movie are Tracy Morgan, and Regina Hall, who herself is becoming a regular in these spoof movies. They play Dr. and Mrs. Xavier from the “School of Gifted Students who aren’t Asian”. Rounding off the cast is Keith David who plays Chief Karlin, Ryan Hansen who plays Lance Landers and a cameo by Pamela Anderson playing Invisible Woman. Hollywood loves to give Pamela money to have her breast in movies, without being able to act. I have a name I came up with, for these types of movie spoofing movies. I call them one in a dozen. If you put a dozen jokes in one scene, one of them has got to get a laugh. With that being said, I can say that I laughed on occasion at some of the jokes. You can’t help yourself. If someone is telling you one stupid joke after another, eventually one of them will be funny weather it’s really funny or your just laughing because it’s so stupid that it’s funny. Either way, as long as people laugh at a quarter of the jokes in the movie, they will continue to make movies that spoof other movies.

I had to give this movie just one super ability out of a possible 4, because like I said it’s a one in a dozen comedy movie. The movie runs 1hr and 25mins, so get your laughs while you can, so it’s not a complete waste of your money. It’s rated PG-13 for crude and sexual content, comic violence, drug references, and language. It’s from the writer and director Craig Mazen. It was distributed by MGM Distribution Company.

Life is a movie, be a Star. Ezo

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