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Sony Ericsson Xperia X1, Xtravagantly Well Made

X1Sony Ericsson is home to a line of great multimedia devices which range from the Walkman Line, Clie, and Cybershot devices, and now they’re adding the X factor into the list as well. Meet the Sony Ericsson X1 , which is a well crafted Windows Mobile 6 powered device that is simply stunning. The candy bar shape looks better than the Motorola Sidekick 3 and with the touch screen, iPhone users might want to get there hands on this. Sony plans to give users a great multimedia device as well as an great business tool.

Far as functions, this is actually a fun phone. Connectivity is accessed with either a 3G connection or Wi-Fi hot spot, and Bluetooth is available for wireless talking with a Bluetooth head set. It also comes with a stylis, which helps for quick notes or quick speeches. With the Windows Mobile 6, editing documents is a breeze and browsing on Internet Explore is there for quick checks on any site. Push Button email access keeps the emails going like a Blackberry and with the video call feature, videos conferences can be done right from the head set. It has a 3.2 megapixel camera and shoots up to 10 frames person in video mode. Being also a Sony device, users get a excellent multimedia experience with music, pictures, and video all from one device.

The X in the X1 refers to its X like buttons that gives the user access to all the major functions of the device. It has a slide keyboard which makes typing on it simple and even has a touch screen for just the simple quickness. The display has a similar display like the touch screen like the iPhone, but the interface is better know as the Xperia panel gives up to 9 different planes that can be used as a home screen or keep track of documents while being in the middle of a call.

No word on which carriers will carry this one, but it will be available in late 2008. Visit www.sonyericsson.com/ for information on the Xperia X1.

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