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ZTE Axon M Review: Are Dual Displays Better Than One?

I remember being at the launch event for the ZTE Axon M and everyone had quite the surprise on their faces. It was a...

ZTE Axon M hits AT&T shelves on November 1st

A couple of weeks back we were in the house with ZTE where they announced their dual screen phone called the Axon M. It's...

ZTE ZMax Pro Phone Giveaway *CLOSED*

Enter for a chance to the new ZTE ZMax Pro Smartphone!

ZTE Z Max Pro: Its a Killer Phone for $99 [Review]

ZTE gives you a feature filled phone for $99

Axon 7 is a High End Budget Smartphone for $450

Axon 7 wants to seat itself next to the big boys in premium smartphone land

AT&T Velocity ZTE Mobile WiFi Hotspot [Review]

When covering CES every year I always like to make sure we have a hotspot with us to help get our articles done everywhere...

ZTE ZMAX is Behemoth, Inexpensive Phablet for T-Mobile

ZTE ZMAX makes it way to T-Mobile for $252 and has a massive 6.4" frame