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Case-mate Olo Tough Case for BlackBerry Z10 Review

As you may know, I also own a BlackBerry Z10, BlackBerry's newest smartphone. While the phone itself so far seems pretty resilient a lot...

BlackBerry Z10 Music Player App Review – Is It Any Good?

One of the few things I do on my mobile device now on a daily basis is listen to music. Whether it be my...

Apollo v1.0.2 for BlackBerry 10 Review – A Third Party Pandora Client

If you just got yourself a new BlackBerry Z10 and you're looking for one of the most popular radio station apps out there, Pandora,...

Songza v1.1 for BlackBerry 10 Review – Play Music Based on Your Activities and Mood

If you take a look at the BlackBerry App World for radio apps, you'll find that the selection in there isn't really that impressive. That's not to say there aren't a couple gems in there. One of them is Songza, which is available on other platforms, but I didn't know about it until seeing it in App World for the BlackBerry Z10.

BlackBerry Z10 Review Part 2: Software Impressions

This is part 2 of my ongoing BlackBerry Z10 review. If you haven't already, check out part 1 here which dealt with the hardware...

T-Mobile Looks To Change the Mobile Game With No Contracts, Adds LTE and iPhone

Definitely an event to remember as T-Mobile took to the stage yesterday to make a change or rather eliminate the traditional two-year contract for...

PowerSkin Launches First Battery Case for BlackBerry Z10

Why carry around an extra battery when you can just slip on a battery-boosting case that you can use to recharge your device? PowerSkin cases do just that and today, they have announced the availability of the first battery case for the BlackBerry Z10.

BlackBerry Z10 Review Part 1 – Hardware Impressions

BlackBerry has already announced the new BlackBerry Z10 which goes on sale in a couple of weeks. Last week, I was finally able to get my hands on the final hardware that will hit carriers this month. What do I think of it? Read on to find out.

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