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Tribit XBOOM Portable Wireless Speaker [Review]

Wireless speakers are a dime a dozen now. Pretty much all feature Bluetooth connectivity and pretty much all sound decent these days. The problem...

JBL GO 2 Wireless Speaker [Review]

Back at CES we got to see JBL’s portfolio of portable speakers ranging from upgrades to their Clip series to the next iteration of...

JBL Pulse 3 – The Best Portable Lightshow Speaker is Back...

I'm sure most of you when you you're not listening to music on your headphones, you're probably pumping music out through your smartphone speakers....

UE Roll & UE WonderBoom Giveaway **CLOSED**

Enter to win (2) brand new portable speakers by Ultimate Ears!

UE Roll 2 Speaker Drippy Edition Giveaway *CLOSED*

Enter to win a limited edition UE Roll 2 "Drippy" edition speaker!

Amazon’s Echo Reach Expands With Echo Dot & Amazon Tap

Amazon expands the Echo ecosystem with new Alexa enabled devices called the Amazon Tap & Amazon Echo Dot

Valentine’s Day Tech Gifts for HIM

Show him you love his geek with some sweet tech gifts for him to enjoy on Valentine's Day

JBL Pulse 2 Portable Bluetooth Speaker – The Party Continues [Review]

One of my favorite portable Bluetooth speakers was the JBL Pulse. It was a really fun speaker to use mainly because of the built...