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Get Free OnePlus Loop VR Headset to watch OnePlus 3 Launch

Just like they did last year OnePlus is doing another VR launch but this time they are supplying you with VR headsets. These are...

Hardcore Henry: VR Shooting Games Take Notes

If you have not been in a Fallout shelter counting caps or deprived from WiFi recently, then there is no reason as a gamer...

HTC Vive Pre Maybe Best VR Experience Yet [#CES2016]

One of the things I expected to see at CES this year was drones and VR. While the Occulus Rift has been out for...

Absolut Vodka Helps Experience Concert Performances Anywhere Via 360 VR

Absolut Labs (Absolut Vodka) wants to help you experience concerts in 360 degrees anywhere via virtual reality

HTC Vive Introduced as New VR Project for HTC and Valve

Looks like the world of VR is going to get a bit more crowded as HTC announced that they have partnered up with Valve...

Sony Unveils Project Morpheous VR Headset at GDC 2014

Looks like the rumors of Sony unveiling a new VR headset at GDC were correct and they did in fact show off their early...