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T-Mobile unleashes Nationwide 4G LTE & Unlimited Data Worldwide with help...

T-Mobile has unleashed unlimited data nationwide which enables you no limits on text and data. $0.20/min for calls nationwide.

T-Mobile reveals Uncarrier 3.0 featuring Shakira tonight

T-Mobile unveils Phase 3 of Uncarrier and is featuring a peformance by Shakira. With such a huge international superstar will there be international plans possibly? And what else will be unveiled with T-Mobile in Bryant Park?

Apple’s iPhone 5S/5C Available Now and what T-Mobile’s Pricing Is

The lines are around the block for the latest iPhones. Are you picking yours up from T-Mobile?

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Preorder On T-Mobile Hits September 18th

Nothing like some good news to get your week started but some pre release news. The UnCarrier aka T-Mobile has given us a pre-order date of September 18th to get your hands primed for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

T-Mobile ‘s 4G LTE Google Nexus 7 Comes With 2GB Data...

T-Mobile has announced the Nexus 7 32GB version is available now for $349 running their 4G LTE services. Whats great about their offering is the 1st month you get 2GB to try it out and rope you in to using the services.

LG G2 drops on Sept 11, LG Optimus F6 today for...

LG Electronics is set to release their newest LG devices this week with the LG Optimus F6 actually heading shelves today and the LG G2 is going to come out on September 11th. T-Mobile has been doing pretty great as of late expanding their smartphone portfolio getting not just the mid range devices but also the high end such as the LG G2.

Sony Xperia Z & Nokia Lumia 925 Set For Release July...

The long awaited release of the Sony Xperia Z is exclusively coming to T-Mobile. Also Windows Phone 8 1st LTE device for T-Mobile will be the Nokia Lumia 925.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Hits T-Mobile For $149.99 Down Starting April 24th

Looks like T-Mobile is trying to get a leg up on the competition! They are going to be releasing their version of the Samsung...