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LG G Flex & LG Optimus F3Q Come to T-Mobile Feb...

LG G Flex & LG Optimus F3Q will hit T-Mobile on 2/5/14 and also as a incentive get six months of Netflix to go along with that.

T-Mobile’s Mobile Money Wants to Rid You of Traditional Bank Headaches

T-Mobile wants to help rid yourself of bank fees and provide you with a no frills prepaid debit Visa card with direct deposit capabilities

T-Mobile Samsung LTE Mobile HotSpot PRO [Review]

Samsung creates T-Mobile's Latest Mobile HotSpot for Internet Everywhere 24/7

Sony Xperia Z1S Available to Pre-Order from T-Mobile with PS4 $100...

T-Mobile Sony Xperia Z1S is ready for Pre Order, as well as a $100 Visa Card Special when purchasing a Sony Playstation 4

T-Mobile Uncarrier 4.0 Eliminates Rival ETFs with Get Out of Jail...

T-Mobile is offering $650 up to five lines for you cancel with AT&T, Sprint, or Verizon.

LG G Flex is flexing its way to T-Mobile [CES 2014]

The LG G Flex which is curved and flexible has been announced for T-Mobile

Android 4.3 hits T-Mobile’s Samsung Galaxy Note 2 with Gear Support

Previously Samsung stated they would be releasing Android 4.3 updates for its major devices then when Kitkat 4.4 came out they backpedaled and...

Samsung LTE Mobile HotSpot PRO hit T-Mobile shelves this week

The Samsung LTE Mobile HotSpot Pro has features touting it to making it a portable router of sorts. With 4G LTE, you can share with up to 10 WIFI enabled devices and there is a MicroSD slot to share files with those connected.