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OnePlus 7 Pro brings OnePlus into Premium Territory Starting at $669.99

OnePlus has officially unveiled the successor to their OnePlus 6T with the 7 Pro. This device is one of the biggest...

T-Mobile’s Uncarrier NEXT Brings Real Time Customer Service, Free Pandora, and...

Today T-Mobile held Uncarrier NEXT(aka 15) to unveil some new ways they would shock the mobile industry and flip it on its head. I...

MLB.TV is Free for the Season again… If you are a...

Ever since the magenta network started their "T-Mobile Tuesday" deal a couple years back they have given promos on everything from free Subway sandwiches,...

Samsung Galaxy S7 Review

It hits all areas of what you need in a smartphone

T-Mobile Sells iPhone 6s with Killer $20 per Month Promo

T-Mobile presents unprecedented $20 a month deal for iPhone 6S with crazy incentives to go alongside with it

T-Mobile Brings Back the “Contract” at Un-Carrier 9.0 Event in NYC

Tmobile was in NYC on Wednesday to tout its new phone and data plans for its business, employee and overall customers. The "Un-Carrier" 9.0 is what...

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Pre-Orders Start September 19th

Pre-orders for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 start on 9/19 for AT&T and Verizon while 9/24 for T-Mobile and 9/26 for Sprint

ZTE ZMAX is Behemoth, Inexpensive Phablet for T-Mobile

ZTE ZMAX makes it way to T-Mobile for $252 and has a massive 6.4" frame