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2019 New York International Auto Show Starts Today

Today mark the opening of the 2019 New York International Auto Show, held at the Jacob Javis Center in New York City....

Subaru’s All New Ascent: A Weekend of Wine, Wings & UFOs!

Who knew the quiet little town of McMinnville, Oregon over one weekend would have so much going on. A giant convergence of the weird...

2015 Subaru WRX Premium: Complete All Wheel Drive Fun!

Subaru isn't a brand you read here on G Style Magazine before. Our very first mention of Subaru was our post on the introduction...

Subaru Winter Getaway: My Introduction to a Legacy!

On the morning of February 17th as I left my house at some 5:50am it was snowing and in the teens in New York...

This Week Is The New York Auto Show

Last week I attended the show during the press days and saw a lot of very cool, stylish, and sexy cars! Below is a few take aways that really caught my attention.