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Tag: streaming music

A Week with Apple Music: It’s not great but Spotify may have a problem [First Impressions]

Spending a week with Apple Music and how it can give Spotify a run for its money

Get Three Free Months of Google Play Music for Having Chromecast

Google celebrates its first year with the Chromecast with Three Months Free of Google Play All Access

T-Mobile Un-Carrier 6.0: UnRadio & Unlimited Streaming Music

T-Mobile gives customers unRadio and unlimited streaming music access.

Spotify comes to Windows Phone 8!

Looks like Window Phones are picking up some steam getting more of the premier apps under its belt one by one. The latest one...

Spotify: The Android App

We have definitely been talking about Spotify here at G Style with our initial post on it here and our current conversation about it...

Rdio.com Review

I first heard of Rdio (pronounced r-dee-o, not Radio lol) it was at a Blackberry Appworld event back on June 16th. I...

FlyCast for Your Blackberry & iPhone

So yesterday I took the time to download FlyCast for my Blackberry Bold. I know this may have been out for a little bit,...

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How Online Slots are Social and Popular

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You know what's awesome? Technology is awesome and all the amazing devices that are available. You know...