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Beats Music coming after Streaming Competition in January 2014

Beats Music coming for streaming competitors such as Spotify, Google Music Access and others in January 2014

“Ch-Ch-Ch-Check Out My Melody” Soundcast Bluetooth Speaker [Review]

Man listen, I have to go on record as saying that the Soundcast Melody Wireless Bluetooth v3.0 is easily a portable concert. So...

I’m Leaving Spotify for Google All Access

Okay I'm not really leaving Spotify per-say, but more like just choosing to no longer pay for their $9.99 price for mobile and...

Pandora App With Exclusive Features Comes To Windows Phone

Slowly but surely Windows Phone has been coming through with apps. Realizing how often people stream music from their phone, they added Spotify recently and today they announced another popular app for the OS.

Spotify comes to Windows Phone 8!

Looks like Window Phones are picking up some steam getting more of the premier apps under its belt one by one. The latest one...

Samsung Music Hub Service Now Available in the US

Another perk for Samsung Galaxy S III users, Samsung Music Hub is now available to S III users first (later on to other devices)....

Spotify: The Android App

We have definitely been talking about Spotify here at G Style with our initial post on it here and our current conversation about it...

#GStyleOn [Insert Topic Here]

So I was seating here and thinking to myself "we don't use our Twitter account as much as I would like". So I...