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Soul Electronics Combat Plus Headphones [Review]

Combat+ are designed to be with you for every intense workout or even a leisure walk around the neighborhood. These over-ear headphones want to bring you high performance 24/7.

SOL REPUBLIC Announces Relays In-Ear Headphones Which Keep Up With You...

SOL REPUBLIC Relays are the latest entry in SOL REPUBLIC's line of in-ear headphones and set to work with you in any activity.

FIFA 13 Trailer For The Wii U

The time is almost here. The Wii U is a couple of days away and the guys at EA have given us a...

NCAA Football 13 Preview [Video Game]

Storm out of the tunnel with a Heisman Trophy winner on your team and build a national powerhouse with NCAA Football 13. With one...

WatchESPN for Android & iOS

Look likes more and more networks are slowly trying to bridge the gap between network television & the internet. As we have here is...