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Tag: sonos review

Sonos Move Review

Sonos has been known for giving you the home theater connected experience with minimal use of wiring for quite some time. For...

Sonos Beam Review

If you have used or setup soundbars they either been too wide, too bulky or missing some advanced smart features to assist you on...

Sonos One Review – Arguably the best sounding smart speaker with Alexa

I been rocking with Sonos for quite some years now looking all the way back to the Sonos PLAY:1. I was fond of the...

Sonos Playbase Review

Sono's Playbase adds a stellar home theatre speaker to their network speaker portfolio that slides under your TV.

Sonos PLAY:1 vs Denon HEOS 3 : Which Wi-Fi Speaker Keeps You Tuned in

We pit the Sonos and Denon's starter speakers, the PLAY:1 vs the HEOS 3 to see which one sounds better and comes out on top.

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