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SOL REPUBLIC TKDK Tracks HD Headphones Giveaway *CLOSED*

With the last week of Music Month approaching at G Style Magazine, we're bringing you the last of our giveaways. The entry rules for this giveaway is different than the last. Find out how you can win a pair of Sol Republic x TKDK Tracks HD on-ear headphones!

SOL REPUBLIC Tracks HD Steve Aoki Edition Headphones Giveaway *3 Winners...

The colors are pretty hypnotizing with lines and spirals of black and white going up and down the headband and STEVE AOKI in animated blue lettering on top. You can't miss the silhouette of Aoki's head either. Now I know after reading this you're like "Oh man how I get a pair of those?!". Well with all our giveaways it's pretty simple. All you have to do is ....